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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

HPS - Flower Fairies CT Snags by Unique Styles

Where are my flower lovers at???!!!
Whoa. This scrapkit is a MUST have in your collection.
There is so many flowers to choose from. different shades/colors
This beauty is called "Flower Fairies" by Happy Pumpkin Studio. 
Purchase this beauty @ Smiley's Creations Shop & PFD

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

BWD+ACrowe Steampunk Angel Love CT Snags by Unique Styles

Who says steampunk has to be one or certain colors??
This kit and tube match pushes the normal steampunk colors right out the window
Tube is by Arthur Crowe with Matching kit by Bookworm Dezines. 
Purchase these Beauties @ Arthur Crowe's Factory
Tube: Here Kit: Here Tube & Kit: Here

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

DBV Lovin Steampunk CT Snags by Unique Styles

Gorgeous kit Dezignz by Vi "Lovin Steampunk"
This kit comes with a Julia Fox matching tube included!!
This is a must have in your collection, Especially if you're a Steampunk fan!
You can Purchase this beauty @Smiley Creations Shop 
Also you can find this kit Here & Here (JF Tube not included at Hanias)

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HPS Clover CT Snags by Unique Styles

Such a gorgeous kit for all your St Patty needs!!
Plus it comes with a gorgeous tube by Andy Cooper!!
What's not to love about that!! Purchase this beauty @ Smiley Creations
You can also find this kit Here & Here (tube is not included at hanias)
But there is a matching tube at Hanias you can Purchase

Wordart by me Here

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