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Monday, October 31, 2016

Magical Halloween CT Tag by Unique Styles

You looking for a magical type of halloween kit that isn't too scary 
Then this is the kit for you, tons of magic filled elements to choose from
This beauty is called "Magical Halloween" by Happy Pumpkin Studio
This kit and several others are on SALE make sure you stop by and check out the deals!
Purchase this magical filled kit @ Smiley Creations Shop

Friday, October 14, 2016

Beautiful Peace Autumn - CT Tags by Unique Styles

Another "Big Girl" tube made by Arthur Crowe "Beautiful Peace Autumn"
This kit to match is made by Bookworm Dezines "Beautiful Peace Autumn"
Such beautiful elements, matches this tube amazing! As always
this tube comes in a few scarf colors and hair color layers!! 
Purchase this TUBE: Here KIT: Here TUBE & KIT: Here

See how gorgeous this kit and tube is?? I went all out!!

Click for actual size

Fashion Pumpkin - CT Tags by Unique Styles

Now, I know Arthur Crowe has a few other "Big Girl" tubes
But i dunno, just something about these new big girl tubes, Just loved them!!
And the kit i used is by Happy Pumpkin Studio "Fashion Pumpkin"
This is a scrapkit that is a match to AC'S Fashion Pumpkin Tube!

Love Big Girls? And or Pumpkins??! Then this is a must need for your collection!
Love how the tube has different shirt/hair layers. You can remove the pumpkin 
layer from the shirt! So this tube can be used for non halloween type tags!!
Purchase the TUBE: Here KIT: Here TUBE & KIT: Here